More Meaningless Words

By Jerry Weissman / October 19, 2011

The Weeds of Vocabulary The italicized “more” in the title of this post signifies a greater degree of meaninglessness in words rather than an increase in their occurrence. In an earlier blog, you read about several innocuous phrases that have crept into our daily language, each of which casts doubt on the competence of the […]


Christie's Challange

By Jerry Weissman / October 4, 2011

Politics Provides Presentation Lessons by Jerry Weissman The rollercoaster race for the Republican nominee for president in the 2012 election has produced dizzying rises and precipitous falls for Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry. Although struggling to right their listing campaigns, they are both still in play—along with Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum, […]


Bachmann’s Media Pendulum

By Jerry Weissman / September 28, 2011

“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”  Read how Karl Marx’s observation applies to Bachmann on Huffington Post.


Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the Water

By Jerry Weissman / September 14, 2011

Consider your audience when creating a slideshow for your presentation in order to make their experience more pleasant.  Slides that are cluttered will only confuse your audience and cause their interest to slip.  Read the full story on Indezine.


Romney vs. Perry: Round Two

By Jerry Weissman / September 13, 2011

“Sometimes you bite the bear, sometimes the bear (sound) bites you back.”  Read how this saying is affecting Republican candidate Rick Perry at the hands of contender Mitt Romney during the Tea Party debates on Forbes.


Obama's Speech on Jobs

By Jerry Weissman / September 9, 2011

How are active verbs turning heads for Obama?  Today on Forbes, see how critics and Congress alike are reacting to Obama’s speech on jobs.


“Does that make sense?”

By Jerry Weissman / August 24, 2011

…and do you really want to know? Language is alive, a dynamically evolving and changing entity. One of the newest expressions to gain momentum in American speech is, “Does that make sense?” The phrase is most often used by a speaker in the middle of a conversation—or a presenter in the middle of a presentation—to check […]


Obama’s Next Big Speech

By Jerry Weissman / August 19, 2011

Obama’s speeches have hit highs and lows, read more about his oratory high water marks—and what he must do in his next speech to recover from his low water marks—today on Huffington Post.


Christine O'Donnell Bolts CNN Interview

By Jerry Weissman / August 18, 2011

Read about The Rules of the Game today on Huffington Post.


Kill Your Darlings

By Jerry Weissman / August 17, 2011

“Practice makes perfect” works for all stages of a presentation, including the development of your story.  In this blog on HBR, Jerry explains the importance of reworking your story several times before you can find the final product.


Swimming Lessons and Presentations

By Jerry Weissman / August 17, 2011

See how taking small steps toward improving your presentation skills are similar to that of learning how to swim.  By gradually adding practice and methodology to your existing presentation flow, you will progress into a confident and powerful presenter, without any “floaties.”  Today on HBR.


Pawlenty Drops Out

By Jerry Weissman / August 15, 2011

Going against your natural presentation style can be treacherous, but being negative to prove you’re not boring might not be your best choice either.  Read how Mr. Pawlenty overshot his chance at the Republican nomination at the Ames, Iowa debate on Forbes.


Obama and the S&P Downgrade

By Jerry Weissman / August 11, 2011

A big lesson for presenters: end every phrase by dropping your voice, which will make you sound strong and assertive.  If you don’t drop your voice—or worse, use “Valley Girl Talk”—you’ll sound dubious and ditzy to your audience.  Read the full story on Forbes.


Stage Fright

By Jerry Weissman / July 20, 2011

  There is no need for elaborate, negative exercises to ease stage fright, in fact, the opposite should be put to work.  Relaxing in a positive state and focusing on the tangible results of your efforts will help to create a more realistic setting for what’s ahead.  Read about reducing your stage fright on Forbes.



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